Signs that an individual will relapse

Relapse is one of the common concepts when it comes to Addiction Recovery. It is the likelihood that an individual will go back to their addiction even after they’ve been certified to be sober. When a person relapses, they are not the only ones affected. Their families and friends can be badly hit as well. … Read more »

Role of the family in aftercare treatment

The primary importance of aftercare treatment is to prevent the individual from relapsing after they undergo the main addiction treatment at rehab. Different factors contribute to the individual’s success at rehab, and one of them is the family. In this piece, you will learn about the roles of the family in aftercare treatment. Ensure their … Read more »

The Benefits Of Aftercare Treatment

Recovery from drug addiction is a long process that requires strategic planning. An addict undergoes detoxification as part of the treatment process, but the recovery phase goes beyond detox. Even after medically assisted treatment and rehab, there has to be a plan for the continued recovery of such patient. Aftercare treatment, therefore, refers to any … Read more »


Inpatient addiction treatment involves individuals who live at a particular facility full-time, for the purpose of addiction treatment. An individual who enters this type of treatment becomes a resident and gets specific care and support all through the day. They live in a room assigned to them, they eat meals prepared at the facility and … Read more »


An outpatient addiction treatment is a phase in addiction treatment which offers alcohol and drug treatment sessions which can be programmed through different times in the week. Hence, with this structured schedule, the patient has the opportunity to continue with their everyday life, however, they need to check into treatment at the scheduled times for … Read more »


In the addiction process, there is no right specific treatment for recovery. However, there are conventional processes which apply to anyone who is addicted and seeks recovery. Hence, anyone who wants to overcome addiction needs to work with a health care professional, since they know how best to combine various types of effective treatments which … Read more »