The completion of addiction treatment does not imply that the individual is out of the woods completely. It only means that the individual has been certified a clean bill of health. There is a tendency that the individual might not return to his or her addiction. However, it is best not to take chances.   

There is always a tendency for an individual to return to his addictive lifestyle, and they should not be blamed entirely for this. The body takes quite a while to adjust to the new world and when the individual is exposed to some of these triggers after completing addiction, he or she might relapse.

This is one of the primary reasons why top-notch rehabs always make provision for an aftercare treatment. An aftercare treatment basically tends to the needs of individuals after the completion of their addiction treatment.

An aftercare treatment is in place to equip the individual with several skills that would prevent addiction the second time.

One of the key players in aftercare treatment is the counselor. The counselor is the same professional who was present at the inception of addiction treatment. And this same professional is needed during the aftercare treatment.

The counselor perfectly understands that the individual would want to face life squarely immediately after addiction treatment. And this willpower makes the individual susceptible to cravings that could trigger the addiction again.

Due to this possibility, the counselor ensures that the individual is effectively monitored. Typically, the individual would still have to attend some counseling sessions, and the schedule would be dependent on the schedule of the individual. An aftercare treatment is due to go on for as long as possible until the counselor is sure of the individual’s sobriety state.

People who complete their addiction treatment need to know that it is not fully over yet. They still need to attend aftercare treatment sessions under the professional guidance of the counselor. With this, they can be sure of a clean bill of health.

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