Signs that an individual will relapse

Relapse is one of the common concepts when it comes to Addiction Recovery. It is the likelihood that an individual will go back to their addiction even after they’ve been certified to be sober. When a person relapses, they are not the only ones affected. Their families and friends can be badly hit as well.

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If you think that your family member or friend might return to the addiction, there are some warning signs to look out for. Paying attention to these signs will help prevent relapse before it happens.


One of the ways to tell that an individual will relapse is when they prefer to keep to themselves without having anyone in their corner. They won’t carry anyone along when it comes to their personal activities. Also, they will prefer to avoid social gatherings, as they will decline several invitations to be around people.

Less attention to self-care

Another vital sign that shows someone might relapse is their intentionality about self-care. They might not be cautious about hygiene, physical fitness, eating habits, etc. You might observe a lack of personal grooming because they do not pay attention to how they look anymore. When you notice these signs, they might be about to relapse.

Missing support meetings and counseling sessions

When a person recovers from addiction, it is important for them to attend counseling sessions and group meetings because it helps with accountability and support.

The likelihood of a person relapsing is low when they do not miss these important meetings. When a person attends support meetings, they can be motivated by the stories of other people who recovered from addiction. They also get the chance to learn quintessential coping skills from the counselor, that will help them defeat relapse.

Reminiscing about their old life

If the person speaks gleefully about their addicted past, they might be about to relapse. Anytime they remember their good moments, it could mean that they miss those times and they would probably want to go back there.

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